Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day Two - Resthyro

Snoopy - June 14
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This morning she didn't really want to drink the milk with the medicine, so I poured it over her food. I think she just wanted the food more than the milk. Tonight I will just add the drops of medicine directly into the food.

She was somewhere in our bedroom this morning when we got up. I got up and went to turn the light on in the hall bathroom (where she normally hangs out) and she came running out of our dark bedroom. I think maybe she is sneaking in and under the bed. Definitely different behavior.

She's also much braver facing down Sakaura. Still not buddies, but no more fighting and since she does not run, there is no chasing. I think Sakaura is disappointed LOL!

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Anonymous said...

With my cat in the early stages of hyper thyroid I am interested how you progress with the herbal remedy. Good luck!